Monday, March 26, 2012

Another encaustic

This encaustic I started from scratch at Art & Soul and got about 90% finished in one class which is unusual for me.  I kind of want to call it "Pimping the Renaissance", as in "Pimp my Ride", but I have a feeling most people wouldn't get it, so for now I'll call it "Pink Renaissance".

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things from Art & Soul

A couple weeks ago, I was in Virginia Beach, at the Art & Soul retreat.  Things did not go real well in some ways but I did learn some useful things, got some work done and connected with other artists.  The most fruitful time was the 2 encaustic classes I took from Serena Barton.  (Her name has come up here before.)  I had started several encaustic pieces last August at CREATE Chicago but I wasn't happy or done with them.  I brought them along to Virginia and now I have a bunch of finished  works.

I'll start today with just 2 little ones - I have to do photos of the others:

These are a little bigger than ATCs, so they are called Little Princess and Little Mermaid.